Oh Hey There!



Piney+Co is not your average pants company. Our team is a group of pineapple lovers, comfort connoisseurs, style experts, and body acceptance advocates. 

Piney+Co wants to do good by making women look good and feel good. Our pants transform with women’s bodies as they change shape from fitness phases to belly bump days - truly magical, high-quality, and versatile pants. They’re like unicorns, but pants. 

So where do unicorns fit into all this pant talk? Well, they don't - but pineapples do! We love pineapples because they are sweet on the inside, have thick skin, and come in all shapes and sizes. Pineapples are awesome too! And we can eat them - another perk!



Our Story

During a trip to Thailand, we discovered a seemingly magical pair of "elephant" pants - commonly sold to tourists in Southeast Asia. They were comfortable, fun, and functional. BUT they didn't last! So we re-invented them, making a new (and improved) elephant pant that is more fashionable and higher quality. Our limited selection of patterns was carefully curated to ensure flattery, function, and fashion for women of all sizes and body types. The versatility is endless - whether lounging or exploring, cuddling or socializing - Piney pants can accommodate all women, all the time.