What We Can Learn From This Awesome Little Girl

If you haven't seen this viral video, you're in for a sweet sweet treat. This little girl, Jessica, will easily put a huge smile on your face - and that's a promise! She is undeniably spunky, unapologetically confident, and outright HILARIOUS. 

Being serious for a second - we can actually learn a lot from Jessica. She has already mastered one of life's most important practices - expressing gratitude



Besides being absolutely adorable, Jessica can teach us a lot.

What We Can Learn From Jessica:

Don't underestimate the power of self talk 

Think talking to yourself is silly? Think again! If you feel you're in a moment of unbeatable self-doubt, try verbalizing positive thoughts (yes - out loud)! It can be anywhere or anytime - right when you wake up, in the shower, on a work break, or walking down the street (people might stare, but who cares!). Encouraging self-talk will allow you to realize the optimism and positivity is your life, changing your perspective to be more well-rounded and positive. 

Half the battle is believing in yourself 

Believing in yourself is not always easy - doubting yourself tends to come much more naturally. Doubt hinders your performance at work/school, changes your mood, and interferes with you reaching your full potential. Remember that part in the video where Jessica says "I CAN DO ANYTHING!"? Well, you can too. Just believe it!

Start to appreciate the little things 

When stuck in a negative mental place, it's hard to remember all the little things that make your life awesome. Some are mundane, but still worth being grateful for - the car you drive everyday, the coffee you drink in the morning, the comfortable bed you dream on. It doesn't matter how big or how small - there are always aspects of your life to appreciate. Remembering those things helps people put the negative parts of their life into perspective. Jessica loves her blond, curly hair, her house, and her parents - what do you love about your life? 


Whatever the situation, try and be more like Jessica. And if you're really committing, get in your jammies (and even better your piney pants) - and hop on the bathroom counter! 


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