Sarah - "My favorite part of my body is my smile"

Auckland, New Zealand

What is a quality you love about yourself? 
A quality I love about myself is how empathetic I am. It allows me to be kind and understanding. It also is what inspires me to help others which I really love. It was something I once viewed as a weakness but now I can see what a strength it is.Sarah’s story is nothing short of awe inspiring. After overcoming her struggles with negative body-image and an eating disorder, Sarah wants to give back and help people who suffer from mental health disorders. To read more about Sarah, check out her interview below and leave her some love!

What are your dreams and aspirations? It is my aspiration to one day help people with mental health disorders in a therapeutic capacity as a psychotherapist or a psychologist. I would love to work with eating disorders and to help those who are struggling. 

What is your favorite part of your body? My favorite body part is my smile. For a long time while I was struggling with an eating disorder I faked my smile so now whenever I feel myself actually smiling I celebrate the genuine happiness that is being sent out into the world.


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