Olivia - "We should find happiness in the things that make us unique"

San Diego, CA

A girl who loves all the curves that naturally shape her body - can we talk about self-confidence goals? Seriously... it's hard for women to embrace body diversity when media creates false "norms" for them to fit in to. Olivia doesn't live by these norms. She is clearly her own unique individual and is so unapologetically herself - and we all should be! Read about happiness, compassion, and working out in Olivia's interview below. 

What is your favorite part of your body?

My favorite part of body would have to be my hips. I've struggled for years to accept how big they are but I'm learning to look in the mirror and love the curve from my waist to my hips and find the beauty in my shape. I think it's beautiful how no two bodies are alike, and I think we should find happiness in the things that make us unique.

What is a quality you love about yourself?

I really love how compassionate I am. I love that I feel a pull to help human beings and animals. I think compassion and empathy are extremely important traits to have and although it makes me more sensitive, I think it also makes me stronger.

When do you feel the most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I’m in the gym. Pushing my body to do more than I thought was possible is so empowering. I feel strong and beautiful and capable when I lift. It’s my time to be with myself and rejoice in all the things that my body can do.


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