Lexi - "I've learned to love my whole body"

Inspiring women are not hard to come by in NYC - everyone has their own unique tale of why they’re living there. That’s why it only took a 15-minute walk in Central Park with Alexa Homs (AKA Lexi) to realize how incredible her story is. 

Born and raised in Mexico, Lexi moved to NYC 5 months ago to fulfill her dream of living in a city she loves. She works and lives in Westchester as an au pair and cares for three children! Could you imagine doing that, all while living in a new country at just the age of 20? Not many people can - but Lexi is up for the adventure.

Team Piney found Lexi on Instagram, and immediately knew we wanted to meet and talk to her about body positivity and how body image has affected her life.

The Interview: When I began a Q&A with Lexi, I started by asking her our staple question - what is your favorite part of your body? With hesitation at first, she quickly answered that her legs were her favorite. YES! A woman who loves her legs! Before I could get to the next question Lexi continued… "I've learned to love my whole body."

Hold up! Lexi told us that every woman has negative body image struggles - and she’s right. Women everywhere try to change, improve, shrink, build, and morph their bodies. But why? And how can women stop the self deprecation?


"I feel beautiful when I'm doing things I like - my body and my mind feel beautiful."

Body and mind - those words are magical. Women are more than just their figure. Lexi told us that her mom taught her that at a young age - real women have flaws and imperfections and that is what beauty is about, having a sense of humor and not taking yourself too seriously.

My favorite part of the interview - I asked Lexi what three words she lives by everyday, her answer: 


Aren’t those words beautiful? Thanks, Lexi!

To learn more about Lexi, follow her on Instagram @lexihoms.

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