Lauren - "My body is truly beautiful"


Alberta, Canada

Lauren's story with body image and self-love is one of true resilience and self-reflection. After overcoming her struggles, she began realizing that their is SO MUCH to LOVE about her body - not only for its physical appearance, but for its physical capabilities too! She is now driven to help others who are struggling with eating disorders and mental illnesses too. How? Read her Q&A to find out!  

What is your favorite part of your body?
My favorite part of my body is something that I struggle with picking. I have grown to love so many parts of my body that it is hard to pick just one! I will say that what I have grown to love the most is my legs. Partly, because I am now mature enough to recognize how lucky and fortunate I am to have legs to move with, run, walk etc. I also love my legs because I used to obsess over the size of them while I struggled with my ED and it feels so liberating now to not put on a pair of pants or leggings and feel defeated but instead, proud of what I look like. I think that everyone deserves to look at themselves in the mirror and think "my body is truly beautiful."




Tell us someone who has helped positively shape your life.

My boyfriend has made an incredible difference in my life. Cliche, I know right? But it is so true. Especially in terms of where I am with my body positivity. We are very much independent individuals that have our own lives, yet we work so well together as a team. He helped me through my eating disorder and stuck with me through it which is something I find very admirable in him. Since starting my Bopo account I have always been open with him about it and he is supportive in a way I never thought would be imaginable. There has not been one moment that he hasn't praised me for my presence in the community, the work I am doing and my growing love for myself.

Do you have a secret talent that you are proud of?

I don't know about a secret talent but I am a self-taught artist that a lot of people don't know about. I love to create all sorts of different works of art and get creative at any chance I get. As a result of this love for art, I am an aspiring art therapist. I have finished my degree in Communications but would like to further pursue a career in art therapy in which I work with youth that suffer with eating disorders and other mental illnesses.





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