Jamie - "I have a strong body"

Los Angeles

Jamie is an athlete - and an amazing one at that! Her beyond impressive four year collegiate softball career has given her an indescribable appreciation for what her body can accomplish and for the athlete it has helped her become. She loves the strength she feels in her body and sees that strength to be beautiful - and so do we! To read more about her inspirations, read below.

What is your favorite part of your body? I think I have a really strong body…Over recent years I have come to love my body more and more by accepting and embracing that it is not like anyone else’s…

What is a quality you love about yourself? love that I am kind and I feel like I do my best to make everyone feel warm and welcome.

Tell us about someone who has helped positively shape your life. I have had a few people who have positively shaped my life over my short 22 years. One of them in particular is my college coach who helped me clearly see my own worth and taught me to never let doubt get the last word. I often struggle with self-confidence and find myself very vulnerable at times- yet she pulled strength out of me and gave me the platform to radiate it.


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  • Strong and gorgeous on the inside and out! :)

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