Ginny - "I Love that I'm a free spirit"

Los Angeles

Ginny is an aspiring artist living in Los Angeles. With singing, dancing, acting and modeling experience, she is taking life by the horns to accomplish all of her hopes and dreams - and she does it with so much confidence and poise! Read about this inspiring women and all she has to say about big dreams, hard work, and living without self-doubt.  

What is your favorite part of your body? My stomach and legs. I flaunt it a lot honestly. And did I mention the mini abs I have? Yea, definitely my tummy.

What is a quality you love about yourself? I love that I’m a free spirit and very open to embrace the people, places, and things life has to offer.  

What are your dreams and aspirations? My dreams and aspirations are to keep striving, keep believing, and keep pushing because I see myself one day, touring the world, performing MY MUSIC at big stadiums.


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