Get this look - Calling all yogis!

Complete your Wanderlust outfit!


Yogis - bet you're excited for the upcoming Wanderlust trip at Squaw Valley North Lake Tahoe! Before you wander on your outdoor adventure, complete your look in ultimate comfort and style. 


1. Striped Paisley Pants - $34

Pants that are breathable and perfect for twists, splits, and handstands - what else could a yogi ask for?!. Pair them with a black crop top or a pastel tank for a "no fuss" downward dog and take them with you for your post-yoga picnic on the lake. 





2. Black or white tie crop top - $12.79 ON SALE NOW

Check out this amazing Amazon steal! This cut out crop top is a hot way to show some skin and emphasize your colorful statement pants. Simple, subtle, but oh-so cute! 








3. Velvet Gothic black choker - $6.89 ON SALE NOW

When in doubt, a black choker is an edgy and chic addition to any outfit. The best park? It goes with just about anything! Nothing like bringing back trends from another era - hello 90s! 



4. Organic tinted lip balm - $10.95 ON SALE NOW

It's hard to find a natural and moisturizing balm with a nice tint. Once you find that perfect tint, you might never leave the house without it. Try out this variety pack and pair a champaign or plum tint to  your outfit for an extra sexy lift.


Gents, we didn't forget about you! Piney + Co's very own ambassador, Adam, loves pairing his Piney pants with his yoga mat. He can sit comfortably, move with fluid motion, and be in the moment without worrying about the fuss of uncomfortable clothing.



1. Signature Pineapple pants - $34

Yes guys - our pants are unisex! So ladies, spread the word with your friends and/or partners!







2. Men's Muscle Tank - $11.99 - $14.99

Comfort is most essential when you have to hold a pose for an extended amount of time. Stay cool and comfy in this soft and breathable muscle tank. Pick your favorite color and pair it with those pineapples! 





Comfort and versatility are just as important as style when it comes to clothing for any activity. Stay confident in your outfit as you stretch and push your body during yoga! If you like your yoga outfit, post and share it with us on Instagram!

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