Gabby - "Be The Sunshine"

Burlington, Vermont 

Gabby is absolutely crushing life at just 18 years old. Positivity and optimism radiate from within her and draw people into her company. She finds ways to love everyday even when she's thrown a life curveball (as we like to call it). Her athlete mentality gives her the strength and drive to push herself through the hardest situations. Some people don't know what to do when life gives them lemons. Not Gabby - she always makes lemonade. And it's delicious! Read more about Gabby below.

Whats my favorite part of my body?

At first, I automatically thought my eyes, but the more that I think of it, I’m really loving my legs because I’m really tall and they make me feel confident when I walk. I’m a runner and mountain biker, so my legs are what propel me to do better and help me along the way from an athletic perspective.

What are three words that you live by every day?

Three words that I’ve been living by everyday are “Be the sunshine.” I live by this because even if there’s no sunshine, you can be that sunshine and brighten up your day, the people around you or recreate an unhappy atmosphere into one with hope. Hope and light are what makes me thrive.

Tell us someone who has helped positively shape your life.

Someone who has helped positively shape my life is undeniably my mother. She has given me so much strength and wisdom throughout the years and she’s blossomed me from being a small seed into a flower. My mom has taught me so much and has kept my thinking about the positive aspects of life, rather than focusing on the negatives… She really has altered my attitude to appreciating everything life throws at you and has guided me along the way. I’m so fortunate to have someone that can be the sunshine.


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