Get This Look - From Workday Wear to Happy Hour Attire

Styling Your Day-To-Night Look

Ugh. Happy hour... (said no one...ever)

Those words have likely never come out of your mouth. EXCEPT when you have to change your clothes before going out because your work outfit is uncomfortable and/or un-cute! So... how can you style an outfit that takes you from company meetings to happy hour martinis?!

Good news! We have answers for you, and our answers come in the form of magical links that will transport you directly to the pieces you need to style the PERFECT work-to-drinks outfit. Here's a secret... the entire outfit is under $120! Think that's crazy? Keep reading...

1. Little Black Pants - $34

These staple pants are perfect for any office outfit. Pair them with a black button-up or a bright blouse - you really can't go wrong. The best part? They're cute AND comfy so wearing them through your meetings and late into your fifth cocktail is a no brainer!


2. Black 3/4 Sleeve Tee - $10

An incredibly Amazon steal - this tee is a perfect day-to-night piece. While tight and body-accentuating, the sleeve provides a professional look that is perfect for company meetings and client lunches. Tight and tuck-able, this tee screams "I'm a classy lady, but I'm not hiding anything either!"   


3. Classic Black Pump - $50

IF your don't already have a classic black pump in your closet, these Nine West heals are a complete MUST for only $50. Not only are these pointed toe heals the cherry on top to this blacked-out outfit, but they always bring the "class" back to any not-so-classic look you might rock during this Spring! 


4. Chunky Black Necklace - $10

I know what you might be thinking - this outfit is a little TOO classic! Sometimes it can be a challenge to spunk up an all-black outfit. The key? JEWELRY! This chunky chain-link necklace is the ultimate statement piece for any workday fashionista!


5. Soft Nude Lipstick - $7

Nothing flatters wearing lipstick like an all black outfit. Whether you like bright reds, dark purples, or a clear gloss - wearing something on your lips is a must! Try out our editor's pick with this pinkish-nude moisturizing lipstick - made by Burts Bees! 




When it comes to fashion, you don't need to make sacrifices! You can look stylish WHILE being comfortable. All it takes is a little searching and a lot of confidence! And we just made it a little easier for you!

If you LOVE your workday to nightwear outfit, tag us on Instagram using #LoveWhatYouGot. 



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  • These are great tips! As a fashion stylist most clients want an outfit that transitions day to night.

    SHaron on

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