Alyna - "If you can convince yourself to stay strong, nothing can stop you"

Walnut Creek, CA

Ever heard the “like a girl” expression? Not Alyna! Alyna’s outlook on body image changed when she started appreciating the strength her body gave her. Alyna nourishes her body by living a healthy lifestyle and sweating it out at the gym! She LIKES being strong, APPRECIATES her body, and LOVES how it makes her, her. She took the negativity from haters and turned it into her own positive experience - GO ALYNA! Read more on her inspirations below - you won’t be disappointed!

What is your favorite part of your body?

My legs are big and strong. People in high school would comment on how big my calves were and I was so embarrassed, I started wearing pants all the time. Now, I lift at the gym to keep them strong, cut, and healthy. Summer is my favorite time of the year because I am not afraid to cover up anymore and can enjoy the sunshine. 

What is a quality you love about yourself?

No matter the circumstances, I can always go out and put a smile on. Your day is not defined by the events that happen to you, but rather what you make of it. If you can convince yourself to stay strong, nothing can stop you.

Tell us about someone who has helped positively shape your life.

My dad has been my role model and all the moves I have made in my life were inspired by his creativity and leadership. I remind myself to always look from all perspectives before approaching the solution. Some day I want to lead a team like he does now and change the customer experience in innovative ways.

What are three words you live by everyday?

Empathy, Courage, and Innovation 


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  • YOU GO GIRL! I am so proud of you! Your story moved me to tears because I can relate. You T-girls are so AWESOME!

    Pauline on

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